Auditioning for Graduate school is the most important part of the application process since it determines your admission into a school and whether or not you will be offered a scholarship. It is important to get you application in early enough that you get the audition date of your choice. Some schools only have certain audition dates in which you can win a scholarship. There are many scholarships available based on auditions. Be sure that you meet the deadlines set forth by each school so that you do not miss important opportunities.

The audition process usually includes playing specific repertoire in front of the faculty for your respective field. Some schools are very formal and others can be rather casual. Regardless, you should present yourself professionally and consider your audition to be a performance and interview. You want to present yourself in the best light possible. The repertoire will vary from school to school, however there are standard pieces that are often found on most audition lists. You will usually be asked to play one or two solos and orchestral excerpts. You may also be asked to play etudes. Very few schools allow you to pick your own repertoire, but if that opportunity arises, consider what you have to play for other schools and incorporate what you are already working on. You may even be required to submit a CD or tape, of yourself playing the repertoire, with your application in order to earn a live audition.

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